ASK Capital, a subsidiary of ASK Investment Managers (“ASK”), is a boutique India-specialist investment manager. ASK is one of the leading asset and wealth management companies in India, with an AUM of ~USD 10.1 billion[1]

ASK is a portfolio company of Blackstone owned funds, who bought a majority stake in the firm in February 2022 (LINK).

Why India?

India is one of the most exciting long-term markets for any global investor today. The country is not just the 5th largest in the world by GDP, but also the 5th largest by market-cap. With a population of over 1.4 billion people, a median age of just 29 years, several crucial structural reforms already implemented, a per-capita GDP over the inflection point of USD 2,000, a stable democracy, and a potent combination of under-penetration across sectors and high-aspirations across citizens, the opportunity is undeniable.

ASK Indian Entrepreneur Strategy

  • USD 2.4 billion in AUM, across multiple vehicles, including a UCITS
  • Track record of over 13 years.
  • Portfolio Highlights
    • Low turnover (~20-25%)
    • High conviction (~4-5% position weights),
    • Concentrated (~20-25 stocks)
  • ASK invests into Indian entrepreneurial businesses with large size of opportunity, superior quality (capital efficiency) and high growth at fair valuations.
  • Entrepreneur-run companies are among the largest wealth creators in India. This makes such a portfolio an excellent way to access the country’s growth potential.
  • ASK Indian Entrepreneur Fund is a Dublin based daily dealing ICAV.


[1] as of 31 July 2023

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