The Levendi Thornbridge Defined Return Fund is an actively managed portfolio of defined return investments developed by Levendi Investment Management. It aims to generate positive returns of Libor + 6% under most market conditions in the medium term, with less volatility than major global equity markets.

The Fund has been created for lower risk investors that want a high chance of receiving a good return under a broad range of market conditions. It offers defensive, diversified equity market exposure. The fund is managed to maximise the chance of generating a positive return and provide a degree of protection if markets fall.

The Fund can be used as part of an investor's global equity allocation or as an absolute return fund. The headline objectives are:

  • Positive returns under most market conditions
  • Low volatility
  • Daily liquidity
  • Expert management
  • Access to institutional defined return investments
  • A degree of protection
  • Active risk management
  • Diversified market exposure
  • Diversified issuer exposure & active credit management

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